Which Is The Right Floor For A Condo Investment?

It is essential that you do a thorough checking before you invest in a pre-construction condo. Once you plan to buy a condo, the first thing you need to check is the name of the developer. It is important that the condo is built by a reputed developer. You have to be confident that you are investing your hard-earned money for the best condo in the city. It is vital that you check the track record of the developer and understand about their previous work. There are certain things which you can expect from the real estate developers in the future. You can go to their website here to get a better insight on the different projects undertaken by them. www.forbes.com/sites/forbesrealestatecouncil/2017/11/16/what-to-expect-from-real-estate-tech-in-2018/#5d1dcb546aa4 describes the changing trend in real estate. If you plan to invest in a condo, getting an idea regarding the different floors and choosing the best one for your family is vital.

People normally prefer to take the higher floors because of its advantages. If you select a higher floor, then there will be less noise, and you can enjoy the outside view without any disturbance. In most condominiums, there are units available in the lower as well as the middle sections. When you select the lower floor, then there are possibilities of getting the view blocked because of the surroundings. In the higher floor, you will be able to see the road, and you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Noise disturbance is another issue when you prefer to live on a lower floor. The vehicle noise, the noise of children while playing, etc. can be a disturbance to you if you prefer to live silently.

The debate of higher Vs. Lower floor changes according to each project. Some projects can give you breathtaking view of lakes or the skyscrapers while some other units can offer you a great urban view. However, as per figures, people who selected the lake view are more than those who preferred an urban view. If you want to make a good investment, then you need to check about the price the developers are charging for each floor, the quality of the outside view and what you expect as rent from your renters. The premium you need to pay for the condo differs according to the unit you select.

Probably the only negative point which can affect those who are living on the highest floor is getting the elevator on time. Sometimes you will have to wait for the elevator for a long time which can affect your timetable. So before choosing the highest floor, you may want to visit other condos build by the same developer and check how the elevator work there. Some reputed developers give the best elevator facilities in the projects they take up.

You might not want to compromise with the view you can see from the condo. So, make sure that you check with the developers about any other buildings that can come near your unit and block your view. If the developers inform you about the new buildings, then it will be a good idea to search for another unit which can give you the view. If you inform the developers about the issue you are going to face when the new projects come up and block the view, they will be able to provide you with another unit in the same floor where you can enjoy the uninterrupted view.

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